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My name is Christian Spinella and I wear a lot of hats.

First of all, thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to look at my work. Now, without further ado: me.


I am a passionate creative and artist located in Orlando, FL.

I am a seasoned freelance photographer, videographer, editor, director, and writer. Beyond that I am a specialty coffee professional, innovation facilitator, and creative director with a natural sense for quality and design.

My first love is for street photography and the unique moments it creates; fleeting, amusing situations that may never happen again excite me in a visceral way and drive me to keep picking up my camera. The driving force behind my love of street photography is the people I capture within my frame. They can be serious, beautiful, and hilarious all at once. I haven't found that anywhere else.

So then, it's a natural progression that most of my other work revolves around people and their experience, as well as my own. My portraits seek to capture intimate emotion and my films seek to illuminate unique moments of the human experience.

My true passion lies in creating, no matter the medium. My first series "No Plan Plan" was made into a photo zine and sold out shortly after. My second series "Gazing Over the Garden Wall" was displayed at multiple group photography exhibitions accompanied by a Super 8 film and was then made into a photo zine as well.

Outside of my art, I'm a trained improviser, decent surfer, better rock climber, exhibition organizer, avid Dungeons and Dragons player, storyteller, podcast maker/producer, and all around great guy.

Thanks again for taking the time to explore my work and learn a little bit about me.

Head to the Contact page for any questions or resume/business inquiries.

If you're into D&D and podcasts go and check out the podcast I make with my fellow improvisers and friends:



International Photography Exhibition  

Downtown Arts Collective, Orlando, 2018

Film Is Not Dead - "Gazing Over the Garden Wall"

Henao Center, Orlando, 2018

Mixed Media Exhibition - "Gazing Over the Garden Wall"

Bear Coast Coffee, Dana Point, 2019


2 Hour Short Film Winner / Riverside, CA - 2015

Photographer's Forum Photo Contest Honorable Mention / Santa Barbara, CA - 2017


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